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What is blepharitis?

Posted on 8 December 2021

Have you ever had red swollen eyelids? There’s a fancy medical term for that called blepharitis, pronounced bleh – fuh – rai – tuhs, which you might hear your doctor or pharmacist use.

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Man with blepharitas

How to apply eye drops easily

Posted on 29 November 2021

Flinching, blinking, watering and twitching are common reactions to putting in eye drops, particularly if you’re not experienced at it. If a wet face, streaming eyes and wasted medication are familiar, read on as we reveal an easier way to get you popping your drops in like a pro.

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Managing dry eyes in Winter

Posted on 29 November 2021

We might think of winter as the wettest season thanks to gloomy clouds and driving rain, but Britain’s cooler months actually have some of the driest air. You may have noticed the effects when chapped skin leaves you reaching for balms and body oils, but you may not realise that it can also affect your eyes.

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Demystifying Dry Eye

Posted on 25 November 2021

In this article we demystify some common myths and terms relating to dry eye and its symptoms, management and related conditions, to help bring some clarity to this frustrating condition and support you to seek the right treatment.

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We’re experts in eyecare and are dedicated to supporting you to look after your sight, whether you’re curious about a niggling symptom or are searching for fresh tips to feel at your best. Here, you’ll find medically reviewed articles, the latest eyecare information, and treatment support to help relieve symptoms of dry eye, fast. And that’s not all. We’re growing, so check back to discover new resources and helpful tools to help you manage your dry eye, coming soon to OcuWellness.

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Searching for long-lasting relief from dry eyes? You’ve come to the right place. Discover our treatment that you can order directly from the comfort of your own home.

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Cationorm® is a first-of-a-kind eye drop that acts like the body’s natural tears to provide long-lasting relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eyes.

Unlike traditional eye drops which may wash away quickly, Cationorm® uses ionic technology to attract its positively charged solution to the negatively charged surface of the eye, locking in hydration for longer.

Kind to even sensitive eyes, Cationorm® is preservative free and is suitable for everyday use and for contact lens wearers. Always read the label.

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Lockdown lifestyle could be affecting your eyes. Here’s why

Did you know your blink rate reduces by 60% when using a screen?1 Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve increased our screen time by almost a third… with some irritating consequences.2  More than 1 in 4 people report dry eye symptoms after using screens for a long period of time.3

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